Tim Cook: Apple Has 'Great Interest' in TV

Apple CEO Tim Cook (left) welcomes U2 at Apple's special event in Cupertino last Tuesday. Credit: NY Post

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In a rare candid interview with Charlie Rose on Friday, Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed Apple "continues to have great interest" in TV. 

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On the heels of the Apple Watch announcement, Tim Cook hinted that television could be the product category his company tackles next. In a candid interview with Charlie Rose on Friday, Cook said watching TV is like “rewinding the clock” and added Apple “continues to have great interest” in improving the user experience.

So when can we expect an Apple television set? Well, don’t hold your breath. “The hardest decisions we make are all the things not to work on,” Cook added as a caveat. 

Still, the interview is worth noting. Apple’s CEO used strikingly similar language about wrist-worn wearables in a May 2013 interview with Walt Mossberg. 

Tim Cook also opened up about life at Apple after Steve Jobs, saying that Jobs would be incredibly proud of the work his company is doing today. On the acquisition of Beats by Dre, Cook said Apple purchased the headphone manufacture for its combination of talent, products and services. You can watch the entire Charlie Rose interview here.

The other big Apple story over the weekend: iPhone 6, of course. Preorders for Apple’s new larger smartphones began Friday morning and sold out in hours, with estimated shipping times slipping to 3-4 weeks. The phone officially hits stores this Friday.

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